Imagine winning your personal injury claim—and then wasting 20% of it on legal costs

Imagine winning your personal injury claim and still losing.

(Winning your case should mean keeping almost all your money, but when you engage a national law firm to run your case, you could win and still lose 20%).

How can that happen?

When you have been injured in an accident, you probably have no previous experience of making a claim.

You’re relieved to find a solicitor who is prepared to take your claim on “no win – no fee”, so you do not have to worry about meeting up-front costs. But there is often a hidden cost.

If you win, ideally you should take all the compensation home. But, that’s not always how events unfold. National law firms do not generally stop at the recoverable fees. They will take some of your compensation too in order to cover fees and/or insurance costs.

But why do national firms charge so much?

They charge so much because they aren’t local. They don’t have local knowledge. Being national means they have high overheads. Local firms have local knowledge. They can investigate and litigate your claim more economically. They have lower overheads. That’s why local solicitors don’t need to lop 20% off your compensation.

So, you do not need to agree to an arrangement whereby you lose 20% of your compensation if you win.

As local (accredited specialist) solicitors, we can run your claim for you for a maximum cut of 10% and, in many cases, for zero cost to you.

We will help you get back any earnings you have lost, as well as the other elements of your compensation, such as the pain and suffering award for your injuries. We will maximise the financial recovery you make, without then chopping 20% off the bottom.

And how do we get paid for all this trouble?

Where your claim is successful, we get paid by the other party’s insurers – according to a recognised scale. In some situations, this is a percentage of your compensation and, in the rest, it’s based on the actual amount of work we have done. We are always paid these fees in addition to your compensation, not as part of it.

National firms receive these exact same payments too. The difference is that they then feel the need to take more money from you.

If you make your claim through Grigor & Young / Moray Claims, you will keep all – or almost all – of your money. Certainly, no less than 90% of it.

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