Employment law

Employment Law has become an increasingly complex area of law, causing headaches for Employers and at the same time giving Employees more and more rights.

It’s never too early to get advice…

It is an area of law where, due to the very short time limits which apply in many situations, it is ‘never too early to consult your solicitor’ and important to get advice before taking any drastic action, if possible.

Peter Brash is the contact here for Employment Law matters. Grigor & Young have a membership of the Law Society of Scotland’s Employment Law Group. 

There are quite a few articles on this website regarding Employment Law matters. You can access the Employment Law articles page here.

How we can help

For further information and a free initial chat to see if and how we can help you in relation to employment law, contact us on 01343 544077 or send us a Free Online Enquiry via this website.