How much is my claim worth?

Generally, your claim will be made up of different parts, such as a claim for the pain and suffering associated with your injury (which can include physical injuries such as fractures or scarring and also psychological injury), loss of earnings, care and assistance from relatives and out-of-pocket expenses.

Need for medical evidence

It is usually necessary to have access to your medical records so the claim can be valued and in many cases we need to have you examined by an appropriate medical specialist.

They then provide a report on your injuries, treatment, recovery to date and prognosis which we use a basis for valuing the whole claim.

Valuation of claim as soon as reasonably practicable – with a full explanation of method

We will explain the process of valuing the claim to you in detail at the time we do it.  In the immediate aftermath of an injury, it can be difficult to give anything other than a general estimate of the value of the claim because much depends on the severity of the initial injury and the length of time it takes you fully to recover (or recover as far as possible).

In case of incomplete recovery, your claim will include elements for future losses such as loss of earnings or loss of earning capacity.

Though it cannot be said to be a general rule, the higher the likely value of your claim, the longer it is likely to take to settle.

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