Fatal accident claims

The death of a loved one in an accident is a ‘worst nightmare’ scenario for many of us.

The consequences can be far-reaching both emotionally and financially.

The loss of a family’s breadwinner can bring sudden and overwhelming money worries on top of emotional devastation.

It’s never too early to get legal advice

There is never an easy time to discuss the legal issues arising from the accidental death of a close family member.  However, it is important to remember that, the earlier you obtain expert legal advice, the sooner you will receive the compensation that will help at least to ease the financial aspect of the loss you have suffered.

The importance of speed in obtaining expert legal advice becomes even greater in situations where surviving family members include young children or elderly parents.

You need help from an accredited specialist solicitor

If an accident has resulted in the death of a relative or other close family member, you need help from an expert fatal accident claim solicitor.

At Grigor & Young, we have dealt with fatal accident claims arising from a wide range of accidents, including accidents on the roads and at work.  We will deal with the claim sympathetically and efficiently.

Fatal accident claims can be highly complex and require special expertise.  You will want to know that a legal expert in this sector is taking care of the claim for you.  There is a big difference in the law governing fatal accident claims as between Scotland and England.

In recent years, there have been increasing calls for the law in England and Wales to be brought more into line with the comparatively ‘fairer’ rules in Scotland in relation to fatal accident compensation.

Do you need help with a fatal accident claim?

We aim to guide you through the claims process in as straightforward a way as possible, taking the pressure off you as much as we can.

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