Property Leasing (or ‘Renting’)

‘Renting’ or leasing domestic or commercial property – whether you are the landlord or the tenant – can be straightforward if the right written agreements are set up from the start.

There are also often prescribed legal procedures which must be followed if the lease is to be correctly set up and valid.

How we can help

Grigor & Young can help you lease your business premises or home by:

  • Advising on units in the area.
  • Offering advice about finding tenants/properties.
  • Explaining the different options for agreements or contracts and advising on what should be included.
  • Drawing up leases and explaining implications of terms.
  • Serving any necessary statutory notices.
  • Advising on Landlord’s rights and responsibilities.
  • Advising on Tenants’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Advising on termination of tenancies and the formalities required.
  • Managing properties.
  • Arranging eviction proceedings.

Elsewhere on our website, there is further, more detailed information about issues to do with residential / domestic tenancies and about the tenancy deposit scheme now in place for many domestic tenancies.

Contact us for help

For an initial chat, further information and a no-obligation estimate of costs, contact a member of our property team on 01343 544077 or – for Properties in Forres – call 01309 672126

Alternatively, why not send us a Free Online Enquiry via this website?

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