Personal Injury Claim Testimonials from Clients

Here is a selection of Personal Injury Testimonials we have received from clients of Grigor & Young and Moray Claims.

“I was a driver involved in a road traffic accident when a following vehicle tried to overtake as we were turning right at a junction. Other, young, members of the family were also in the car. My main injury was a whiplash. Before consulting Grigor & Young, I was concerned about starting an expensive legal procedure that might come to nothing. I found Peter Brash was incredibly patient, as the process took quite a long time. Peter also arranged for a thorough medical evaluation which helped him bring my claim to a positive conclusion. I felt Peter was very knowledgeable. He was incredibly professional, efficient and approachable. It’s a real benefit the way G&Y managed the whole process from start to finish. The communication and transfer of information throughout was exceptional. It was also hugely helpful that G&Y were based in my locality. I would definitely recommend your services to others. I can’t articulate in words how grateful I am to Peter and Grigor & Young for managing my claim. I hope it was successful also for yourselves, given the amount of work that was involved.”

KF, Moray

“I pursued the NHS complaints procedure to an unsatisfactory conclusion. No acceptance of liability was forthcoming. This was despite having what I felt was a ‘cast iron’ case in medical terms, with acknowledgement (from clinicians) of failures in care. There was a two further years of negotiation after consulting G&Y (a large part of that was due to insurance issues). However, I did find the legal process satisfactory in terms of finally getting a financial settlement of my claim (with the caveat that liability was still not accepted at law, though for all practical purposes it was “accepted”). I liked best the fact that G&Y provided a personal, helpful, kind and understanding service which kept me constantly informed. Other benefits were the fact that G&Y were local, well-regarded and highly professional. I would recommend G&Y’s claim services to others. Personal thanks to Peter Brash who obtained the services of a first-rate Advocate and appropriate medical advisers, ensuring that I got this satisfactory outcome.”

VJA, Elgin, Moray

“I sought legal advice following the death of a close family member as the result of a road traffic accident in Moray. Marie Morrison put in a huge amount of hard work on the claim. She was always friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. Everything was sympathetically handled. She made everything as easy as possible for me. It was worth it, for the amount of compensation fought for. I received all the compensation I was found entitled to, without any deductions for costs. For the kind of service I received, I would recommend your personal injury claims services to others – 100%.”

PC, Keith

“I slipped on the wet floor of a discount supermarket in central Elgin and broke my wrist. I was not confident about making a claim on my own without professional help. I was also not sure about the financial cost of claiming – whether the insurance company would pay legal fees. I found that all my concerns were addressed through dealing with a claim through Grigor & Young. I was reassured that my legal costs would be covered. Mr Brash was easy to talk to and gave lots of advice. This saved me a lot of worry and kept me informed at each stage of the process. I got a friendly and professional service from all the staff at G&Y. Although liability was initially denied, by negotiation, that position was completely reversed. The store made a binding admission of liability, without any contributory negligence against me. It was possible to settle my claim without having to raise a court action and I received 100% of the agreed compensation. I would like to thank Mr Brash for all the help he gave me both with the medical consultant and the insurance company. It was much appreciated. I would definitely recommend your services to others.

IS, Elgin

“I had multiple fractures as a result of a road accident in Glenlivet. I was a front seat passenger in the car I was travelling in at the time. Before being advised by a former employee of Grigor & Young, I was unaware I could make a claim at all. Upon receiving the advice that I could, I was concerned as it was my partner who was driving the car and it seemed wrong that I should be able to claim. But I was assured that this was not an unusual circumstance. Until I went ahead and got advice from Grigor & Young, I was unaware that what I considered to be “just one of those things and just get on with it” (my injuries) was valid from a claim point of view. I was also unaware of the full extent of the psychological effects the accident had left me with until I underwent medical assessment as part of my claim. I liked how everything was explained to me from the start of the process until the end. There was no hard sell and no legal fees deducted from the final settlement amount I received. Peter Brash was great throughout regarding explanations, compassion, respect and explaining every step throughout the process. Other benefits were: contactability – questions always answered, whether by phone, email or face-to-face; largely stress-free process; friendly and professional service – always. Much as I am not a fan of the ‘claims culture’ that seems so prevalent, I would not hesitate to recommend the service to somebody like myself who genuinely had no idea such a service existed. It’s too easy for people to be persuaded by pushy advertising of some companies. I’m grateful to have received an all-round excellent service from friendly, professional people. Thankyou.”

SS, Dufftown

“I slipped on a wet tiled floor in a fast food restaurant in Elgin. I suffered injury to my back. Liability for the accident was denied and the restaurant would not even accept that the floor was of a type which would become slippery if it was wet. It was necessary for my solicitor – Peter Brash – to arrange for slip resistance testing to be carried out at the locus of the accident. When the third party insurers saw how dangerous the floor was when wet – according to the results of the slip resistance testing – they changed their minds about liability and agreed to negotiate. It was therefore possible for my claim to settle without the need for court action. Before I went ahead with a claim, I did not think that a solicitor would take this type of claim on, given the nature of it. However, I found that my solicitor put in a lot of effort to keep the claim going. I was always kept informed as to what was going on or what was happening and I felt my claim was taken seriously. I received 100% of my compensation, without any deductions.”

SA, Elgin

“I was injured when I was the front seat passenger in a car travelling between Ballindalloch and Aberlour on the A95. A car coming in the opposite direction was overtaking, when it was not safe to do so. The driver of my car had to swerve onto the nearside verge to avoid a collision with the oncoming vehicle. Our car ended up out of control and, although it ended up resting on the roadway, it flipped over a couple of times in the process. Both the driver and me had multiple injuries, including broken bones. The police and ambulance attended the scene of the accident. The other driver had stopped but, unfortunately, due to a mix up between the police officers, they did not get that driver’s details or his registration number. When I raised this with the police afterwards, they suggested that, due to the fact that the other driver was foreign and untraced, we would not be able to claim personal injury compensation. But, in fact, as it turned out after getting legal advice, we could claim. Peter Brash from Grigor & Young was amazing. He was very helpful and a complete professional every step of the way. He always had time to explain what was going on. G&Y were completely worth it. Peter was very helpful, kind and informative. Any and all information was given in “plain English” and we were never led on in regards to timescale or any difficulties which arose. I felt I was provided with a friendly, professional and knowledgeable service. I would certainly recommend G&Y’s personal injury claims services. They gave me a very satisfactory outcome to my claim and I received 100% of the compensation figure agreed with the Motor Insurers Bureau.

RH, Ballindalloch

“I made a personal injury claim against a major airline following a fall as I was getting on to an aeroplane at the airport. Prior to meeting Peter Brash at your offices in Elgin, I had been trying to get my claim settled without using a solicitor. I had come to the point of abandoning my claim. Peter Brash talked me through my case and advised me to proceed. Peter was very kind and understanding about my worry regarding giving the solicitor acting for the opposing side access to my medical records. He reassured me that it was necessary to comply with this request for my case to proceed. I was glad to be able to use a local solicitor as I did not want to travel to Aberdeen or Inverness. I have used Grigor & Young for other purposes and have always found them very reliable. All the solicitors and the office staff are easy to talk to. I felt I got expert advice throughout. I received 100% of my agreed compensation, without deduction. It was a 100% professional service – without Grigor & Young, I believe my claim would have failed. I would definitely recommend Grigor & Young to family and friends as without Mr. Brash’s advice and dedication I would probably have abandoned my case. I am very happy with my compensation award.”

RM, Elgin

“I was knocked off my bicycle by a car which turned across my path in New Elgin. I had multiple injuries, including a broken wrist and a broken finger. I delayed in seeing a solicitor about making a claim because I was worried it would be a stressful experience. In fact, that turned out to be an illusion when Grigor & Young helped me with my claim. I especially liked it that all communications with me were in plain and simple English. It was also good to deal with someone local, which meant it was on a one-to-one basis – not via the internet or by telephone or email. I felt G&Y were honest in all factors of the advice they gave me. Given the level of support I received at all times, I would recommend anyone to contact G&Y for help with a personal injury claim.”

JW, Moray

“I fell through a roof on which I was working in Elgin and suffered fractures to both my legs as a result. Initially, I had no plans to make a claim. However, when my employers stopped paying my wages and sick pay without any notification to me, I had to do something to get some money. I found dealing with Grigor & Young straightforward. From the first meeting until the last, I always felt at ease. The support staff were also very pleasant and efficient. Everyone is very friendly to deal with. I would definitely recommend Grigor & Young’s personal injury claims services to others – you take all the hassle away from the client. Words could not express how grateful I am for all the help I received.”

WS, Elgin

“I was driving in Elgin and turning right from a main road into a side road. A car waiting to turn right out of the side road, pulled out as I was in the middle of my turn. It collided with the driver’s side of my vehicle with considerable force. I suffered whiplash injuries to my neck and back. I was concerned about any costs that I might have to pay for legal fees and how intrusive the investigation process might be. When I consulted Grigor & Young, I was given a clear understanding of any costs that might be involved and that, in my circumstances, it would not cost me anything, win or lose.  Having help from a local firm of solicitors made it feel more personal and it also gave me confidence that they would be able to understand clearly where and how my accident took place. I liked the fact that Grigor & Young communicated well with me and that there was a minimal amount of paperwork for me to complete. I would recommend your services to others. I think it makes sense to use a local company which is willing to give that personal touch and fight for the maximum compensation. Thank you for everything.”

WJ, Elgin

“I injured my shoulder as the result of a manual handling accident at work. I was off work for an initial period and then once again when I had to have an operation on my shoulder. I made a reasonable recovery but I was advised by the doctors to give up a second, part-time, employment I had which would have been too risky in future with a dodgy shoulder. Before going ahead with a claim, my main concern was about how much it was going to cost me to make a claim. However, Grigor & Young made it clear to me from the very beginning that there would be no cost to myself. This made it worth it in my eyes. I liked how I could just get an appointment with Peter, instead of having to deal with everything over the phone. One to one is always best. To me, the main benefits of Grigor & Young’s service were: no fees; local company; easy to deal with. I would recommend your Personal Injury Claims service to others, especially because you are local. Peter took the hassle out of making the claim by doing everything. I would really like to thank Peter for all his hard work in settling my claim to my benefit. I received the agreed level of compensation in full, without any deduction at all.”

SI, Elgin

“I made a claim through Grigor & Young following the death of a close family member in a car accident in Moray. Initially, I was in no frame of mind to instigate a claim. However, whilst dealing with matters of the estate, Peter came along and set things going with regard to a claim being made. It was “worth it” because Grigor & Young made it easier for us, knowing exactly how to go about making the claim. The fact that Peter took on the job and did it all was a great relief for me. I did not have to deal directly with the Procurator Fiscal’s office, the Police or the Insurance Company. Everything was done in a courteous and understanding manner. I was kept up to date with progress via emails and telephone calls. We had face to face meetings when necessary, for example, when decisions had to be made. I am very grateful to Peter Brash for all his hard work and time spent on successfully concluding the claim.”

NM, Moray

“I was injured as the result of a road traffic accident in Moray. I was driving my car between Duffus and Hopeman when it was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle, which was on the wrong side of the road. I suffered serious chest injuries and spent some time in hospital recovering. I have never been money-orientated and I was hesitant about accepting a sum of money from an unfamiliar source. I also deliberated as to whether I wanted to get into monetary pursuits of this nature at all. Having been advised to contact Grigor & Young, I found the ensuing procedure easy to embrace, due to the sensitivity and professionalism of Peter Brash. I appreciated the personal interest shown, even though I was aware that Mr Brash had many other clients. I liked the fact that I received detailed correspondence and I was put in touch with various specialists who could help me with my recovery. I feel I received sound advice, coupled with the right degree of professional friendliness. For these reasons I would be happy to recommend your personal injury claim services to others. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to everyone at Grigor & Young, including the office staff, who were always very helpful.”

EH, Hopeman

“I slipped and fell on a wet floor while I was shopping at one of the large supermarkets in Elgin. I broke one of the vertebrae in my back. My concerns before making a claim were worries about the possibility of the matter appearing in the public domain and disclosure of my personal details. As the claim progressed, my concerns were more about the possibility of having to appear in Court and what that would entail. Although I found the whole experience very traumatic, Grigor & Young’s belief in me gave me the courage and confidence to proceed with the claim against a large public company. Peter Brash showed patience, understanding and sensitivity in dealing with my claim. He was regularly in contact with me, sharing information. I was treated with great courtesy and kindness by all the staff at Grigor & Young and I am grateful for the successful outcome to my claim.

RW, Elgin

“My wife was injured as the result of a fall while she was an in-patient in hospital. We did not go ahead with a claim against the NHS to start with. We waited until after my wife had passed away. (She did not die as a result of the injuries she suffered in her accident in hospital.) We decided not to let the NHS off with it, however, as my wife had suffered a lot of pain as a result of her serious injuries from her fall. We are pleased that we went ahead with a claim. Peter was really helpful in advising us. Peter always kept us up-to-date through meetings, letters and phone calls. The service we got was first class and nothing was any bother to Peter at all.”

JM, Fochabers

“My claim for compensation followed upon the death of a close relative in a road accident in Moray. I didn’t know anything about the process of making aclaim and, to begin with, I was not sure if it was the right thing to be doing in the circumstances. On going ahead, I felt well supported throughout the process. Although most of it was done for me by Grigor & Young, I still felt included in the whole process. Things were kept clear and simple and everything was well explained when necessary. It was good to deal with a friendly local company with professional, approachable staff. I felt my claim was handled as swiftly as possible. Without doubt, I would most definitely recommend your services to others due to the considerate and effective service.”

JP, Moray

“I fell on the travelator at the Asda Store in Elgin and hurt my lower back. I had previously made a claim through Grigor & Young for an accident and I was not sure if it would be possible to claim successfully in this case. Having dealt with Mr Brash before, I was quite at ease with him. Everything was left up to him and it turned out well. Mr Brash is very friendly and the ease of service meant there was no stress for me. I received an excellent service and I also received my compensation in full.”

GM, Elgin

“I suffered a serious injury to one of my eyes as a result of an accident at work in Elgin. The claims culture today seems to me to be “open season” and, in some cases, outrageous and absurd. It only encourages some aspects of human nature that are less than admirable, in my opinion. With that in mind, I was a bit reluctant to start the process of claiming. I did not really know what it would involve. I was also concerned that it would just serve to keep reminding me about the accident and the ongoing effect of my injury. Looking back now from the end of the claim, the financial outcome is very pleasing. I also found it helpful being able to communicate my feelings to someone with a sympathetic understanding. I have to live with the outcome of the blindness in one eye as the result of an accident at work and I feel I have achieved some level of recognition of the fact that my employer bore responsibility in the circumstances. Mr Brash was reassuring and unimposing on me. The service was never intrusive or awkward. I found Mr Brash very helpful and personable. I had the feeling that someone understood what I was going through. I would definitely recommend your services in such a case as mine, given the effort and expertise exercised on my behalf. I am eternally grateful to Mr Brash and the others involved in my claim process and owe a great debt of thanks for their professionalism and knowledge of the procedures involved, as well as the advice given to me along the way.”

WM, Forres

“I made a claim through Grigor & Young following the death of a close relative in a road traffic accident in Moray. I was concerned it would be a long drawn out process. Having just lost a close family member in a car accident, I was not even sure it was right to be claiming compensation and I certainly did not want to be bothered with any additional hassle. I found it good to be able to deal with a local firm rather than just a voice on the phone. Peter was always helpful, friendly and informative. Peter took as much of the work off us as he could and we did not have to deal with any of the admin. We were kept in regular contact by email and phone. All procedures were explained to us. It was a very courteous and sympathetic service. At what was a very difficult time for us, Grigor & Young made it so much easier for us to cope. It made us feel so much better having al local firm deal with our claim and my grateful thanks go to Peter for his helpful, courteous manner throughout the whole process.”

KM, Moray

“I injured my neck and shoulder when I was involved in an accident with another vehicle. I was driving in Elgin at the time. Liability for the accident was admitted but, prior to getting in touch with Grigor & Young, I thought that, with it happening and me not seeing my doctor in person to start with, it might prevent me claiming. It turned out to be worth it because I had good proof of the medication I had taken. My solicitors also got a second opinion of an orthopaedic surgeon and that helped. I was kept well informed of everything to do with my claim by letter or phone through Mr Brash. He explained everything if I had any questions. My claim was settled by negotiation and I received all the agreed compensation, without any deductions.”

MS, Elgin

“I was injured in an accident while on a bus in Aberdeen. It turned out to have been caused by the driver of another vehicle, who was not traced. I suffered an injury to my back. I chose to deal with Grigor & Young, liking the fact that their service is local and not subject to “hyped” promotion. Grigor & Young’s excellent handling of my case gave me the reassurance and confidence to continue with my case both when matters came to an impasse with the bus company and when different approaches by the claims teams at the Motor Insurers’ Bureau sometimes conflicted. Peter Brash was truly excellent and was always encouraging, reassuring and prepared to go that extra mile. Grigor & Young deserve a wider reputation for the excellent work they do with clients who are often treated dismissively by insurance companies because they lack legal representation or the confidence to tackle the large insurers’ formidable claims teams. I am extremely grateful to the firm for helping me with a claim that would otherwise not have succeeded. Many, many thanks to everyone at the firm and my solicitor, Peter Brash, in particular. He worked collaboratively with me, throughout. I received my agreed compensation in full, without any deductions.”

AM, Moray

“I suffered injury when the seat on which I was sitting in a taxi came loose from its fixings as the vehicle was going round a corner. I was at work at the time, and suffered injuries to my head and arm. I had to take a few days off work. My main reason for going ahead with the claim was to make the taxi company responsible for my accident sit up and take note of their negligence involving safety issues within their vehicle. Mr Brash kept me updated on everything and involved me at every stage. I can’t thank Mr Brash enough for the sensitive and supportive way in which he dealt with my case. He has always been understanding of my feelings all the way through my case. I will not hesitate to use G&Y if ever I need legal help. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I am pleased by the speed at which my case has been dealt with and the fact that I received full compensation for my injuries.”

EB, Elgin

“I was injured as a result of a cycling accident at Pansport roundabout in Elgin. I wanted compensation primarily for the damage to my bicycle. I heard from various sources that insurance companies are often not very helpful and a friend referred me to Grigor & Young. It was certainly worth going ahead with a claim through G&Y. The insurance company seemed quite uncooperative even to G&Y and without the expertise and authority of G&Y I do not feel I would have been compensated. I particularly liked the fact that G&Y provided a friendly local service with face to face meetings with Peter Brash. It was really impressive communication – I was kept fully informed. The service was efficient and effective. Your personal injury claim service worked for me. The service was effective and efficient but also local, with face to face meetings – all with the authority and experience of Mr Brash. I received my agreed compensation in full, with any deductions for costs.”

WM, Elgin

“I had an accident at my work, when I slipped on a rug which was on a polished floor. I fell awkwardly, landing on my twisted left leg and breaking my ankle. At the time, I was recently widowed and I felt I was alone for the first time in my life. Having no previous experience of the procedures involved in making a personal injury claim, the prospect was, quite simply, frightening. As a result of going ahead with a claim through Grigor & Young, I felt I got peace of mind. Peter Brash provided me with explanations, updates and information on a regular basis. My claim was settled by negotiation, without me having to go to court. I received my compensation in full, without any deductions for legal – or other – costs. I would like to thank you for your help.”

MR, Forres

“My daughter, aged 9, was bitten by a dog in our neighbourhood on two separate occasions. The second time, she needed stitches in an arm wound. The dog’s keeper did not really show any concern for what had happened. I wanted justice for my daughter, especially after the second time it happened. It was definitely worth it. Peter was fantastic. He kept me regularly informed. He was always there if I had any questions or needed to talk. Getting a successful outcome to the claim means that my daughter and I can put this behind us, move forward and get on with our lives. These things shouldn’t happen but I’m happy that my daughter got justice in the end.”

A Moray client

“I was injured in an accident while I was on holiday, on a package tour. Before going ahead with a claim, I was concerned that I might have to go to court and I thought that the whole process would be stressful. However, Mr. Brash ensured it was stress free. I also thought it would be a time consuming process but in all it only required one face to face meeting and a few emails. Mr. Brash used simplified language – not lawyer jargon – which made me feel at ease. The figure I received was the one that Mr. Brash told me from near the beginning of the claim I would receive. Mr. Brash was friendly and he was unhurried in our meeting. He explained everything he was doing in detail to settle the claim. I would recommend the firm to family and friends. I liked the fact that it was a friendly, professional service, that I was spoken to in simplified language and the solicitor was quick to answer emails. The appointment was also arranged to suit me. I would recommend your personal injury claim services to others, as G&Y are professional, putting their clients first. I felt the meeting I had was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and they did their utmost to meet the client’s wishes.”

Alice Cowie, Buckie

“I was injured while working as a Joiner on a construction project in Dundee. I tripped on a piece of a wood which was masked by polythene sheeting in an area of the site which had not been kept properly tidy. I suffered a broken foot. I lost time off work and so lost earnings as a result. Marie was very helpful and patient with me, explaining everything in detail. It was necessary to raise a Court action because there was a dispute between the main contractor and a sub-contractor about who had responsibility for site cleanliness. I never expected to get even near half as much as you have managed to claim for me, so that is great. I will not hesitate to recommend Marie and her team for personal injury claim advice”.

G.C., Sutherland

“I tripped and fell while at work. I injured my knee. I did not have any broken bones but I had a lot of bother from it. I couldn’t kneel properly. Walking up hills was a problem. If I had to keep my knee bent for any length of time, it ached a lot. I took a lot of painkillers. Eventually, with intensive physiotherapy, I began to get somewhere. It took about 2 years from the accident before I felt I got back to close to normal. I never went back to work in that job. Before making the claim, I was worried about possible anger and resentment from my employers and from fellow staff. However, I was glad I did it because, as result of going ahead, I finally felt my accident was taken seriously. Grigor & Young handled my claim in an efficient and professional manner. I felt you kept me in touch with what was going on at all stages of the claim. I would recommend your services to anyone considering making a personal injury claim.”

K.L., Shetland

“I was injured in an accident at work. I continued to work for the same employer throughout the life of my claim. My main concern before consulting Grigor & Young was how my employer would react when they became aware of my personal injury claim. I found that Erica and Peter were both supportive and understanding. I really appreciated the fact that they were so understanding of the pressures and stresses I was under. Peter, in particular, was exceptional at explaining matters in a manner which was clear and easily understood. I found it easy to get in touch with and speak to my solicitor. Realistic expectations for the outcome of the claim were made clear to me. I got a lot of help in understanding how best to deal with the appointments I had to have with medical specialists, which I found stressful. I would recommend Grigor & Young’s personal injury claims services because I felt mine was a difficult case to prove and yet it was successful after a court action was raised. You could not have done any more than you did. You were always honest and upfront throughout. I felt that you had my best interests at heart. Thank you.”

J.W., Forres

“We were travelling on the A96 near Brodie, Moray, when a car coming the other way turned right across our path. My husband was driving and he had no chance to avoid a collision. Fortunately, we were both wearing seatbelts and travelling well within the speed limit but we both had chest, shoulder and facial injuries which required hospital treatment and lengthy recovery periods. We were concerned about the cost that would be involved in making a personal injury claim as we are both pensioners. I felt very reassured once we had met with Peter Brash. He explained everything clearly and was always helpful if we had any queries. We were kept informed of how things were progressing at all stages. Mr Brash always returned our calls promptly. We were glad to be able to deal with a local firm. I liked the fact we could easily have face-to-face meetings with Mr Brash, when required. The reception staff were always pleasant and helpful if we called in. We would definitely recommend Grigor & Young’s services to others. Thank you to Peter Brash for all the work he put into getting us a good settlement. My husband and I both received our compensation in full, without any deductions at all.

V.W., Elgin

“I was riding my motorbike on the A96 near Burgie, Moray, when I was involved in a head-on collision while overtaking traffic.  The other vehicle had turned out of a side road into my path.  I had multiple, serious injuries and my memory of how the accident happened was affected.  I started the personal injury claim because the police would not talk to me about the accident or give me any information.  I needed to understand what had happened, more than anything.  My main worry was cost but Marie Morrison of Grigor & Young provided a great service on a difficult case.  With the help of road accident reconstruction evidence, I found out what I needed to know and Marie proved the case.  My peace of mind that I was not at fault is worth more than any amount of money.  The payout of compensation was an added bonus.  Marie is a great asset to the firm.  If it wasn’t for her, I would have walked away and never even have started the process.  As I lived in Moray at the time, it was great being able to deal with a local solicitor and Marie was good at keeping me in touch with all developments in the case.  Thank you for a great service.  I would happily recommend Grigor & Young to anyone who needs to make a personal injury claim – purely on the basis of Marie and the results she achieved for me.”

David Smyth, Coningsby, Lincs.

“I was driving my car in Elgin and waiting to turn left onto the main road at a T-junction.  The vehicle behind me failed to stop in time and ran into the back of my car.  I had a whiplash injury to my neck and shoulder.  Although the injuries were causing me quite a lot of bother, I actually wondered whether my injury was serious enough to justify making a claim.  I was also concerned about cost implications.  In the end, my concerns about being unable to drive, do household chores and walk the dog forced me to the conclusion that I would have to make a claim.  I am glad that I got in touch with Grigor & Young.  They made it very easy for me to make a claim.  There was good communication and I was kept up to date with what was happening.  I was delighted with how friendly and helpful everyone was whilst remaining totally professional.  I always felt at ease and never saw myself as a bother to them.  I would certainly recommend G&Y’s personal injury claims services to others as it was a friendly, efficient and “no hassle” service.  Grigor & Young dealt with my claim “no win-no fee” and I received all of my compensation without any deductions.  I am absolutely delighted with the amount of compensation I received.

NS, Elgin, Moray

“I suffered a serious injury to my ankle at work when I had to move a very heavy piece of equipment by myself.  My claim was in terms of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and liability was admitted by my employer’s insurers.  I lost earnings.  I found Peter Brash and Elaine Matthews at Grigor & Young very friendly to deal with.  I am happy with the amount of compensation I received and definitely feel it was worthwhile making the claim.  I felt I didn’t really have much choice in deciding to make the claim, given the substantial loss of earnings I had suffered.”

CS, Shetland

“I suffered a back injury while working as a carer and in the process of lifting a patient.  As a result of the incident, the condition of my back worsened over a period of weeks and I ended up having to have an operation on my spine.  Grigor & Young were able to get civil legal aid to pursue my claim, which was disputed at all stages.  I found Peter Brash friendly and supportive.  He always managed to keep a positive attitude even when things seemed to be difficult.  It was good to know that I was able to get financial help from the Legal Aid Board and that I had a solicitor who understood my situation and talked me through all the issues, good and bad.  I always got a quick response if I had a query and all “legal jargon” words were changed or explained so I could understand fully.  I always knew I could phone or email to get help or advice.  Thank you very much for achieving a positive outcome for the claim.  I would recommend Grigor & Young for any services because I felt the service I received was first class and very professional.  I would use you again if necessary.”

DB, Caithness

“I was injured as a result of an accident at work.  I broke my ankle when I went over on it on a section of uneven ground within my workplace.  The insurers initially argued that I was 20% to blame for the accident.  However, Grigor & Young argued with them about that and they eventually conceded 100% liability.  It was good to deal with such a long-established practice as G&Y.  I was always kept up to date with what was happening.  I would recommend G&Y to any friends or family who ever required to make a personal injury claim in the future.”

MMacL, Isle of Lewis

“Peter Brash of Grigor & Young dealt with a medical negligence claim for me.  Liability was admitted by the hospital.  I wanted justice for the pain and suffering I endured.  I also hoped to get an apology, though I never did.  However, I did win the case and prove my point that I was right and justified in my claim.  Peter Brash listened very well to me and used a lot of my input in his communications with the opposing solicitors.  This made me feel that I had a say in what was being done.  Peter was always easily contactable if I needed information or if I was feeling stressed.”

LD, Shetland

“My accident happened when I was visiting a property for an unaccompanied viewing and I fell from height as a result of a hidden danger within the property.  I sustained multiple injuries, the most serious of which was damage to my inner ear, affecting my hearing.  The third party insurers offered settlement on a 50/50 basis, in terms of which I would only have received 50% of the value of my claim.  I did not accept that I was at fault at all.  Following the raising of a court action, the claim was settled on a 100% liability basis.  I found Peter Brash very helpful.  I was kept informed of every aspect of progress.  I felt that I was in good hands and would achieve what I wanted.  The claim was definitely work it; I got what I wanted.”

SR, Isle of Lewis

“Great professional service. Highly recommended.”

PB, Shetland (via Facebook)

“I fell into a hole at streetworks which were not properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.  I broke my wrist.  I found Peter Brash to be approachable, friendly and efficient in dealing with my claim.  I am happy with the level of compensation I received.  I feel it was worthwhile making the claim.”

CH, Mosstodloch, Moray

“Thank you SO much Peter Brash from Grigor & Young Solicitors Elgin Moray, for assisting my son with his ‘injuries at work’ damages claim.  Can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you have put in over the past couple of years +.  Will highly recommend your services to anyone.  Highly professional service throughout.  Fought for us every step of the way; nothing was too much trouble.  Excellent outcome!”

SF, North Uist (via Facebook)

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