Environmental Law

Environmental Law is a specialised area of law which will affect more and more of us in our everyday life.

Even buying a house now involves, in many cases, a need for an Environmental Search.

At Grigor & Young, we have, over the years, because of our close association with industry, developed expertise in the area of Environmental Law.

How we can help you

Our team can advise on:

  • National Parks and the implications of being situated within them
  • The Water Framework Directive
  • Soil Directive
  • Waste Management Licensing
  • Control of Pollution
  • Air and Noise Pollution, and Nuisance

Get in touch with us

For further information, contact one of our Environmental team on 01343 544077 or our Partner Donna Skelly on 01343 564832 or email donna@grigor-young.co.uk

Alternatively, you can send us a Free Online Enquiry via this website.