Mental Health

Adults and children affected by any incapacity may have special needs in daily life and may need sensitive professional help in organising and managing their own affairs.

The law is changing fast in order to offer as much help and independence to the individual as possible.

Grigor & Young are very keen to ensure this help is delivered locally in Moray.

How we can help in an “incapacity” situation

The sort of help we can provide can include:

  • Advising on appropriate remedies
  • Advising on practical steps necessary to achieve goals
  • Powers of attorney and continuing Powers of Attorney
  • Trusts etc
  • Co-ordinating with medical and social work professionals where appropriate
  • Intervention orders
  • Guardianship orders
  • Appeals under the Mental Health Acts
  • Access to intromit with funds

In many situations where a court action might be required (e.g. for a guardianship order), we may be able to do the work for you with the benefit of legal aid.

Get in touch with us for help

For further information and a no-obligation estimate of costs, contact a member of our private client team on 01343 544077 (Elgin office) or 01309 672126 (Forres office) or Neil Ross via or Katie Kennedy via

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