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Here is a brief summary of the services we provide, with a little more information than the bare menu. The service headings are clickable links to the sections of the website which cover each service in detail.

Accidents and Injuries

We have two accredited specialist personal injury solicitors, based in our Elgin office. This means you can easily obtain local, expert advice face-to-face in Moray. You can find even more details of our personal injury claims services on our Moray Claims website. The contacts are Peter Brash and Marie Morrison on 01343 544077.

Agricultural and Crofting Law

The contact here is Donna Skelly (01343 564832)


This is the area of law relating to the buying and selling of land and buildings, including houses. Contact us on 01343 544077 for more information about buying and/or selling property through Grigor & Young. See also under Estate Agency, below.

Debt Recovery

The contact person is Peter Brash.

Employment Law

Our employment law services are delivered through Moray Employment Law, which trades from the Elgin premises of Grigor & Young. The contact person is Neil Ross on 01343 544077.

Environmental Law

The person to contact about environmental law issues is Neil Ross (01343 564806).

Estate Agency

We can help you, if you are selling your home or business premises. Contact our Estate Agency Manager, Eileen Hutcheon, on 01343 544077, for further information. Eileen is a law graduate and has over 20 years’ experience of the Moray property market.

Family and Matrimonial Law

The contact people here are Katie Kennedy, Greg Robertson and Peter Brash, all of whom are members of the Family Law Association. Get in touch with any one of them via 01343 544077.


We can help you set up or negotiate a tenancy of domestic or commercial premises.


Neil Ross is our licensing specialist. He has over 30 years’ experience. Contact Neil on 01343 564806.

Mental Health

This area of law covers adults and children with incapacities which prevent them dealing with their own affairs. The work involved includes Powers of Attorney and Guardianships. Contact us on 01343 544077 for more information.

Notary Public

When you need help to get an “official” signature on an affidavit or certification of a document, especially for use abroad. Get in touch with us, as several of our solicitors are also Notaries Public.

Powers of Attorney

Often referred to as “insurance against fate”, a power of attorney can work well in tandem with a Will. The power of attorney gives someone else the ability to manage your affairs for you, if you are not available or if you become incapacitated.

Wills Executries & Trusts

Our advice is that every adult should make a Will. An Executry is where work is carried out to gather in, value and distribute to beneficiaries a person’s property after their death. Contact us on 01343 544077 for more information.

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