Injury Rehabilitation Services in Moray

If you are injured in an accident in Moray, in addition to medical treatment for the acute injury, such as a broken bone, you may need help with rehabilitation.

We have discussed the issue of rehabilitation in an article on our Moray Claims website.

Of course, any assistance you receive through the NHS has the benefit of being cost-free.

The essence of good rehabilitation is early intervention and, in our experience, waiting times for NHS treatment in Moray in areas such as physiotherapy are quite good, compared to national averages.

Private treatment costs are recoverable

In any personal injury claim, provided you are going to succeed in proving negligence or breach of duty, you can generally recover any private costs you incur in getting treatment to allow to recover as fully and as quickly as possible.

So, in theory, you are not restricted to NHS treatment, though, in many cases, the financial worries brought on by the fact of being injured – perhaps meaning you are not fit to work – will make it feel too risky to be paying out money for private therapy up-front.

Some insurance companies now provide rehabilitation as an option and among them are insurers who will fund assessment and treatment even if they do not ultimately accept liability for the accident.

The balancing of risk means that it is in their interests (because it will limit the value of your claim), as well as yours, for your chances of a full recovery to be maximised.

Help that your GP approves should be a recoverable cost

Over the many years of our experience in personal injury work, our clients have been helped by a wide variety of specialists in rehabilitation medicine and complementary therapies in Moray.

We are solicitors and so we are not medically qualified.

We would always emphasise the need for you to discuss any proposed therapies or rehabilitation with your treating consultant or your GP.

If they are in favour of it, there should be no difficulty in recovering the cost of the treatment as part of the compensation you receive from your personal injury claim.

A list to help you

The service providers listed below are therapists in Moray who have benefited clients of Grigor & Young / Moray Claims.

We do not have any links to them by way of affiliations. We have no commercial links with them at all and receive no commission whatsoever.

We are providing this list of injury rehabilitation services in Moray in the hope it will be helpful to you as a victim of injury, whether it results from an accident and whether you decide to pursue a compensation claim or not.

Clearly, whether a particular treatment or therapy will help recovery from injury in a particular case is, to some extent, unique to the individual. However, we hope this list will be of benefit to anyone researching what private treatments and services are available locally to Moray.

The categories of treatment types which are recoverable expenses are probably not closed. You have to be a bit careful in that more obscure or untested treatments may run the risk of not being regarded as “reasonable” and so not being recoverable costs.

Physiotherapy and osteopathy are regarded as mainstream treatments, in our experience, and should not be a problem in terms of recoverability of costs.

We have recovered the cost of craniosacral therapy as part of a client’s claim.

We are aware of court decisions which have confirmed the recoverability of outlays for acupuncture and aromatherapy, for example.


Elgin Chartered Physiotherapy Centre, 28 Institution Road, Elgin, IV30 1QT
Tel: 01343 559700; Email:
There is a helpful video introduction to their services by Sue Cunningham, Physiotherapist, here.


Moray Osteopaths, North College House, King Street, Elgin IV30 1HU
Tel: 01343 550382; Also in Forres: 01309 671413

Back in Balance Osteopathy, 142 High Street, Forres IV36 1NP
Tel: 01309 694824 / 07810 783428

Complementary therapies


Moray Osteopaths, North College House, King Street, Elgin IV30 1HU
Tel: 01343 550382; Forres: 01309 671413
Therapists are are members of and accredited with the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS).

Craniosacral therapy

Joanna Legard, Forres
Tel: 01309 691793; Mob: 07809 450316

Counselling and related

(to include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and variants)

Marja Helkala, HealthWorks Centre for Holistic Health Care, 5 Bank Lane, Forres, Moray IV36 1NU (EMDR Trauma Therapy)
Tel: 01309 671532; Mob: 07706 359397

Mrs Suzanne Roos, Registered and Chartered Psychologist
Orkney-based but holds regular clinics at Elgin Chartered Physiotherapy Centre (address above).

How we can help

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You can phone us on 01343 544077 or send us a Free Online Enquiry.