Claiming for an Accident at Work Injury in Moray

If you’ve been injured at work, you may have certain questions in mind regarding your employer’s responsibilities.

For example –

  • Should you consider making a claim for compensation?
  • If so, how should you go about doing that?

Our eBook – Claiming Compensation for an Accident at Work in Moray – may be what you need to give you some initial information and guidance.

Our eBook puts a local, Moray slant on some of the basic concepts and issues which apply to personal injury claims arising out of accidents at work.

The (PDF) book is 1.4MB in size and runs to 12 pages.

Though this is an overview of the most important aspects of accidents at work, it contains several hyperlinks to more detailed articles and resources which will enable you to look deeper into particular areas, if you need to do so.

By signing up to get a free copy of the eBook delivered to your inbox, we’ll also follow-up with a series of helpful, educational emails.

These will go into more depth about the way personal injury claims work and things you need to look out for.

Topics covered in the emails include:

  • Should you be worried that your employer might take action against you, if you make a claim for personal injury compensation?
  • How long will it take to complete the claims process?
  • Do you need a solicitor to help you with a claim at all?

There’s no hard sell.

It’s all about making sure you know what your rights are, so you can make an informed choice about whether making a claim for personal injury compensation is the right thing for you.

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