Choosing a solicitor by looking into their mind

Silhouette of head with steps up to it and open door in the side of the head

It’s not easy to choose a solicitor. 

For anyone trying to select a solicitor for a piece of legal work – from buying a new house to claiming fair compensation for personal injury – a big problem is that all solicitors look much the same. 

You can’t see inside a solicitor’s head so what some of us do to try to give you at least an idea of what goes on in our minds as solicitors is produce educational and informative content.

It’s one way of making the lawyer brain more tangible. 

By content, we mean blog articles, practice-area pages, podcasts and even video. 

The purpose of the content is to give you a better understanding of the sorts of legal problems we can solve for you, how we will go about it and, along the way, an insight into the “personality” of Grigor & Young LLP. 

The content on this website covers a wide range of subject-matter.

It encompasses everything from the main geographical area we serve (Moray) to the outside projects we feel passionate about (for more on that, see these articles about Moray Foodbank, The Oaks and Uganda Aid Person-to-Person). We try to take a light-hearted look at things, whenever possible.

Two ways to find content on this website which may be relevant to your search are:

We are always looking for ways to improve the breadth and depth of the content on this website. Questions from you, our readers, especially if you are within our main catchment area of Moray, are always welcome.

“You ask, we answer” is our philosophy.

In that way, we hope, you see and understand, more and more, what goes on inside our solicitor brains. And we hope you will like what you see enough to contact us if you need advice on a legal issue. 

All initial enquiries are free of charge.

Often, an “initial enquiry” will provide quite a lot of advice for you, as this article on our Moray Claims website explains.

Indeed, with personal injury claims, our aim is to help people in Moray to claim full and fair compensation in such a way that our whole service costs you nothing, whether your claim succeeds or fails.

We’re not able to help everyone:

  • We may not have sufficient capacity at the time.
  • It may be that the issue on which you need advice is outwith our main areas of expertise.

But if we can’t help you directly, we probably know someone who can.

If it happens that we don’t know anyone, our expertise in using legal search tools will probably put us in a good position to suggest a likely person or at least further lines of enquiry.

The biggest irritation for any solicitor?

The biggest annoyance for any solicitor is not the person with the “spurious” enquiry (and we don’t mind dealing with those).

The biggest frustration is the person who comes to us too late for us – or any solicitor- to be able to help.

For example –

  • the employee who was dismissed more than 3 months ago and is now too late to claim for unfair dismissal.

We hope you search our website for the information you need and find it.

But, if you don’t, please ask us the question and give us the chance to help you and perhaps also broaden the scope and usefulness of the content on this website so that everyone benefits.

In this article, we have discussed the process of choosing a solicitor by looking into their mind – via educational content on their firm’s website. In many instances, for you, it’s more a choice between inertia (doing nothing at all) and taking action to safeguard or enforce your legal rights than a choice between particular solicitors. And the main thing is that you do take action, where necessary, whether that is through Grigor & Young or another firm of solicitors.

You can contact us by phoning 01343 544077 or you can send us a Free Online Enquiry.