Choosing a Solicitor

The articles below may be of assistance to you if you are in the process of trying to select a suitable solicitor for a particular piece of work on your behalf. Grigor & Young are based in Forres and Elgin and, for that reason alone, we may not be best placed to help you with your particular legal issue. The general principles in these articles will assist you.

Finding the best solicitors in Elgin Moray

It’s not possible for us to take on as a client everyone who gets in touch with us at Grigor & Young / Moray Claims.

Why we might not be able to help you directly

  • As a relatively small, local firm we may not have capacity to take on the work at the time you contact us. It could be that you need something done urgently and we cannot commit the necessary resources to it at short notice and in the face of an early deadline.
  • Another reason we may not be able to take on your case it that it could be in an area of law which we do not cover (e.g. criminal law).
  • A different type of problem arises where you have a dispute with another person and they are already a client of Grigor & Young. We would not be able to represent either you or them in relation to that particular matter due to the conflict of interest.

What alternative options are there for you?

Where we cannot help you directly, we are often asked to suggest other Solicitors and Estate Agents in Elgin and we are glad to do so.

We covered this question in a 2014 article on this website.

It’s interesting to see how the legal landscape in Elgin has changed over the intervening period. Some practices have ceased to trade, usually because they have amalgamated with another firm of solicitors, and one or two new businesses have appeared.

The alphabetical list below details some of the well-regarded firms and lawyers in the Elgin area.

[Read more…]

Choosing a solicitor by looking into their mind

It’s not easy to choose a solicitor. 

For anyone trying to select a solicitor for a piece of legal work – from buying a new house to claiming fair compensation for personal injury – a big problem is that all solicitors look much the same. 

You can’t see inside a solicitor’s head so what some of us do to try to give you at least an idea of what goes on in our minds as solicitors is produce educational and informative content.

It’s one way of making the lawyer brain more tangible. 

By content, we mean blog articles, practice-area pages, podcasts and even video. 

The purpose of the content is to give you a better understanding of the sorts of legal problems we can solve for you, how we will go about it and, along the way, an insight into the “personality” of Grigor & Young LLP.  [Read more…]

When is the Best Time to Contact a Solicitor for Help?

Donald Trump’s tweet of the year for 2018 may date from as early as 02 January 2018, according to some commentators.

“Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation,” the president explained. “Good news—it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!”

As U.S. late night TV host, Jimmy Kimmel, pointed out, while the president’s comments were true, it was also the case that several previous years had had no commercial aviation fatalities too. In fact, the last recorded death was in 2009. [Read more…]

How To Find A Local Specialist Solicitor In Scotland

If you need to engage the services of a solicitor in Scotland, how are going to go about selecting one?

You might already have a solicitor. If he or she is not able to take your case on, for whatever reason, they might be able to recommend a suitable alternative.

Another possibility is that you get a recommendation from a relative or friend who has used a particular solicitor or firm in the past.

If neither of those is an option, what you need is to find a solicitor with clear expertise in the relevant area of law (e.g. Agricultural Law).

How do you establish whether a solicitor is an expert in their field (no pun intended)? [Read more…]

Why A Specialist Local Solicitor Is Best To Handle Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been injured as a result of an accident, you should get advice about whether you can claim compensation for the losses you have suffered.

The law relating to accidents – whether at work, on the roads, or elsewhere – can be complex. This is highlighted by the fact that the Law Society of Scotland has a specific accredited specialism for Personal Injury Law. Solicitors who have experience and have demonstrated expertise in this area of law can apply for certification of their specialist knowledge. They have to meet ongoing training standards and apply for re-accreditation every few years.

You need to get help from a solicitor who has proven specialist knowledge in handling personal injury claims.

It is also important that the solicitor should be as local to you as possible. [Read more…]

Family Law Guide Helps Moray Consumers

Complaints about solicitors handling family law matters make up about one in every 5 referrals to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC).

If life later turns sour for the “Cheerful Couple Having Fun at Home” pictured above (a stock photo we found striking and a wee bit odd), either or both partners may find themselves needing legal advice on a whole range of family law issues.

Family law advice is most often a distress purchase, a last resort necessitated by stressful and difficult circumstances.

The SLCC has published “Family Law – a Guide for Consumers”, which aims to inform and educate. [Read more…]

How Far Do You Trust Your Solicitor?

You have probably heard it said that it’s a shame how 90% of lawyers give the rest of their profession a bad name.

How far do you trust your solicitor and how far do you trust solicitors, in general? [Read more…]

Who Are The Best Solicitors in Elgin Moray?

[Note that the following article was published in December 2014. There is an updated version of the article (2020) on this website at the following link].

At Grigor & Young we deal with numerous enquiries from clients and potential clients every day.

We are not always able to take on possible new work – which can be for a variety of reasons, including –

  • It not being an area of law in which we have specialist knowledge (e.g. Criminal Law)
  • Possible or actual conflicts of interest with existing clients of the firm
  • Lack of capacity to take on new business, particularly where the necessary work must be completed as a matter of urgency.

In those circumstances, we are often asked to recommend other Solicitors and Estate Agents in Elgin – which we are happy to do. [Read more…]

When A Local Solicitor Is Best For You

Recently, a former client came to see us in Elgin asking us to act for him in selling his house and buying a new one.

Nothing usual about that, you might think.

He explained that he had used a national estate agency to market his house.

They had told him that, rather than using a local solicitor for the legal aspects of the house sale,  it would be easier to use “their solicitor” based in the south of Scotland.

But, as things turned out, in his case, it wasn’t easier at all. [Read more…]