Conveyancing is the technical description given to transferring or selling or buying a piece of ground or house.

It is one area of law that most Solicitors in Scotland are familiar with, but it is nevertheless an area which is unknown to most members of the public.

Despite the advances in technology it is not something that can be undertaken by anyone.

Grigor & Young’s conveyancing service

At Grigor & Young, conveyancing has been at the heart of our business since the firm was first established in 1828, although things have moved on a bit.

While we no longer use quill pens which have been replaced by computers and keyboards, we still nevertheless apply the highest standards to conveyancing.

We try to ensure that your move to your new house or your purchase of a plot of ground – whether it is for the erection of a small shed or a mansion – is carried out as smoothly as possible and causing the least stress.

How we can help you

The conveyancing team at Grigor & Young will help you with things like:

  • Preparing and submitting an offer to purchase.
  • Dealing with your Land & Building Transaction Tax Return.
  • Taking you through the contract and conveyancing to sell your property.
  • The steps required if you are considering leasing.

Contact us for help

For further information and an initial chat, contact one of the conveyancing team at Grigor & Young on 01343 544077.  All enquiries are free of charge and without obligation.  Alternatively, email us at

For Properties in Forres, call 01309 672126 or email

You can also send us a Free Online Enquiry.

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