Executry and Trust Distinction for Carol

Carol Holmes, Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner, Grigor & Young, Elgin

One of Grigor & Young’s employees in our Elgin Private Client Department, Carol Holmes (née Brown), has recently become registered as a full member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

With effect from February 2016, Carol is not only an Executry Paralegal but also a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner, having completed STEP’s Diploma with an overall grade of ‘Distinction’.

What is STEP?

STEP is the worldwide professional body for practitioners in the fields of trusts and estates, executries and related issues.

STEP aims to promote the highest professional standards through education and training.

In Scotland, the STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates Education Programme is the benchmark Trust and Estate Qualification for Trust and Estate Practitioners.

STEP has over 18,000 members across 87 countries from a wide range of professional backgrounds. The membership includes lawyers, accountants, trust specialists and other practitioners in this area.

The aim of STEP practitioners is to help families plan for their futures, specialising in a wide range of activities, from drafting a relatively simple will to more complex issues concerning international families, protection of the vulnerable, family businesses and charitable giving.

Carol’s qualification

The Diploma which Carol has completed requires candidates to pass exams in the following 4 subjects:

  • Wills and Executries;
  • Trusts;
  • Taxation of Trusts and Estates; and
  • Trust and Executry Accounting.

Carol Holmes TEP with STEP Logo

As an Executry Paralegal at Grigor & Young, Carol is now able to put the letters ‘TEP’ (for “Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner”) after her name.

We are all delighted for Carol and proud of her success.