Why make a will?

If you don’t have a Will in place, the law rather than you decides who inherits your Estate.

Many people die without making a Will, which can cause unnecessary upset and complications for loved ones as the true wishes of the deceased are unknown.

7 out of 10 people don’t have a Will. Either they …

  • don’t want to think about their own death
  • perceive organising a Will to be an expensive exercise
  • feel it takes too long to complete, it’s too complicated or
  • think they simply do not have enough Estate to leave.

If you don’t have a Will in place …

  • there is no guarantee that the people you want to benefit will benefit
  • you can’t plan for Inheritance Tax
  • an unmarried partner could end up with nothing
  • the process could be more costly after death and may not reflect your wishes.

An ideal time to write a Will is when …

  • getting married or divorced
  • buying a house or having children or grandchildren
  • retiring
  • receiving an inheritance, following a bereavement or coming into money
  • diagnosed with illness.

It doesn’t have to be expensive …

Grigor & Young offer a number of different price plans for you to choose from, varying from “simple mirror” husband and wife wills to complicated discretionary tax planning wills. We can offer advice on transferring your house or other property to your children. We can also advise on potential tax problems and on planning ahead for possible Care Home charges.

You should consider what will happen if you do have to go into care. Will other members of your family be able to pay your bills and access your bank account on your behalf?

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