How A Solicitor Can Save You From Settling Your Personal Injury Claim Too Soon

Motor insurers have a habit of trying to settle your personal injury claim as quickly as possible.

This is not likely to be in your best interests. Arguably, it is not in their best interests either.

We recently received the following email enquiry via our website from a lady we will call Alison (which is not her real name):

“I was in a car accident about 3 weeks ago, which was no fault on my part. I have been suffering with a bad neck and headaches since. I lost a week at work and have had to cut down my hours at work due to this accident as I just feel it was aggravating my neck. The insurance company are offering me £2,000?! Does this sound fair?”

The main risk from this brief scenario is under-settling the claim’s value. It gives us a chance to explore how a solicitor can save you from settling your personal injury claim too soon, making sure as far as possible that you get fair compensation. [Read more…]

Buying A Property In Moray – Help From A Law Society Video

Solicitors’ local knowledge can benefit you when looking for a house – for example, if buying a property in Moray.

Solicitors can also help take the pressure off you, guiding you along the path of the property-purchasing process, from noting an interest in a house, at the start, to getting the keys to your new home and moving in, at the end.

These are themes running through a new Law Society of Scotland video – “7 steps to your new home | Buying a house in Scotland”. [Read more…]

Moray Solicitors With Facilities For Disabled People

Businesses which provide easy physical access to their premises can help the confidence of customers and clients who have a physical or sensory impairment.

Easy access will also help some older people and people with caring responsibilities.

Of course, not all businesses are located at ground level and that can cause access problems.

At Grigor & Young, however, you enter both our offices – in Elgin and Forres – directly off the street, without any necessity to climb stairs. [Read more…]

What Happens After An Offer On A House Is Accepted

So, your offer for a house in Moray has been successful. What happens next?

Firstly, well done. Buying a house is a big personal investment and it can be very difficult deciding whether it is the right home for you and the best price to offer

So, to get this far is an achievement.

Trying our best to describe a clear chain of events for this – and there is no one-size-fits-all process – in this article, we look at what happens after an offer on a house is accepted. [Read more…]

No Will Means No Guarantee Your Loved Ones Will Inherit

As Kate watched Tom drive off from outside their house that bleak Moray morning, it was the last time she would ever see him alive.

As usual, as he was leaving the house, he had kissed her and she had told him to “take care”.

An important question for all of us

Have you considered whether, when you die, your property and assets will actually go to the people you want to get them? [Read more…]

Helping You in Moray to Claim Fair and Full Compensation for Personal Injury

We have received some questions about our Moray Claims tagline, which appears, for example, on our Twitter page.

It is: Helping you in Moray to claim fair and full compensation for personal injury.

We are going to try and answer those questions here. [Read more…]

Moray Property Sales and House Prices Show Increase

Figures released by Registers of Scotland (RoS) for July – September 2014 show that the number of house sales in Moray increased from 417 in the same period in 2013 to 498.

This is an increase of just under 20%.

The average cost of a house in Moray is now £153,560, which is a 9.2% increase on the 2013 figure of £140,650.

Interviewed for The Press and Journal, Eileen Hutcheon, Grigor & Young’s Estate Agency Manager, said that it was very encouraging to read the RoS reports issued on 28 October 2014 showing the increase in house sales levels. [Read more…]