Home Report

What is a Home Report?

A Home Report is a pack of three documents provided by the Seller of a residential property, which aims to provide information to prospective Purchasers.

Home Reports have been a legal requirement in Scotland since 1st December 2008.

What must a Home Report contain?

The Home Report must include the following:-

  • Single Survey and Valuation of the property, which must, by Law, be carried out by a Chartered Surveyor. The Single Survey will give information about any problems the property has and how urgently it needs to be repaired. It will also state the property’s current value and how accessible it is for disabled people.
  • Energy Report with an Energy Performance Certificate, which will also be carried out by the Chartered Surveyor. The Report will show how “green” the property is and will rate the home A to G for Energy Efficiency (similar to how fridges and freezers are rated). The Report will recommend how to improve the property’s Energy Efficiency.
  • Property Questionnaire, which will be completed by the home owner showing who the utility suppliers are, whether the home has satellite TV, what the parking arrangements are and the Council Tax Band as well as other general information which will be of interest to prospective buyers.

The cost of the Home Report is dependent on the value of the property being marketed.

How we can help

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