Grigor & Young History

William Grigor …

William Grigor was born in Elgin on 24 August 1804.

He served his apprenticeship in Elgin and possibly practised as a Solicitor on his own account initially before joining Robert Young to found the Firm of Grigor & Young in 1828.

Alexander Grigor Allan, c.1893

Alexander Grigor Allan, Movember 1890

He resided at “The Haugh” and became very prominent in his profession, enjoying a large general business and holding many public appointments.

He died on 8 September 1872 but had no son to follow him in the Firm – although his nephew, Alexander Grigor Allan, became a Partner in 1860.

… and Robert Young

Robert Young was joint founder of the Firm of Grigor & Young in 1831.

He was born at Inchbroom, Lossiemouth, on 18 February 1809.

He died at his residence, Millbank, Bishopmill, Elgin on 17 January 1879.

He was author of “The Annals of Elgin”.

His second son, Hugh William Young, formed and was Superior of the town of Burghead.

His youngest son, William Charles Young (1851 – 1934), was a Partner of the Firm and resided latterly at Rotha, Reidhaven Street.

His grandson, Robert (1908 – 1957) was also a Partner in the Firm and resided at Fleurs, Elgin.

His great-grandson, William Gordon Young (1911 – 1978) was not a solicitor but he worked for the Clydesdale Bank and the Firm from 1946 to 1972.

His great-great-grandson, Robert Alastair Young, was a Partner in the Firm from 1976 to 2012.

North Street, Elgin, has seen many changes over the years

The photograph below was taken around 1957. You can see the obvious gable-end window on the Grigor & Young building but how much else has changed!

Today, the photographer would be standing in the middle of the A96 on Alexandra Road. The slope of North Street is also striking to the modern-day observer.

The signpost indicates that, in those days, North Street was part of the A941 road – Rothes to Lossiemouth via Elgin.

North Street, Elgin, Moray - Photo taken around 1957 - Grigor & Young LLP

Grigor & Young today

From 01 April 2018, Grigor & Young is the trading name of Grigor & Young LLP – where ‘LLP’ stands for ‘Limited Liability Partnership’.

From that date, the ‘partners’ (known as ‘members’ in an LLP) of the firm are Ann Cruickshank, Neil Ross, Peter Brash, Janet Taylor, Donna Skelly and Greg Robertson.

You can find details of how you can contact any of them  – and other colleagues within the current offices in Elgin and Forres, Moray – on the Contact Us page of this website.

Alternatively, you can send us a Free Online Enquiry.  All initial enquiries are free of charge and without obligation.

Robert Young projected on the wall of St Giles' Church, Elgin, as part of the Christmas lights 2017

Robert Young, co-founder of Grigor & Young, projected on the wall of St Giles’ Church as part of the 2017 Christmas lights in Elgin.

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