A letter to Elgin in 1812 (Can you help us decipher it?)

We’ve written previously about a Grigor & Young employment contract from the 1850s.

This time, it’s about a letter even older than that, possibly with connections to Grigor & Young.

Until his recent retirement, John Chalmers helped us as a Law Accountant, feeing up files for us in court-related matters.

John’s main hobby is philately.

His particular interests are in German stamps up to the end of the Allied Occupation, Scottish postcards, and postal history.

As part of his online postal history research, he came across what he called an “entire letter” (as opposed to simply a “wrapper”, which is only the outer cover of a letter).

He kindly sent us the letter on loan. We set out various photos of it below.

The letter is addressed to a Robert Grigor, Writer, Elgin.

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Moray and Elgin History Podcasted

What did Robert Burns think of Elgin?

And did Bonnie Prince Charlie spend several nights in the town because he took a liking to the place?

Answers to these questions and others came up when Moray culture and history featured in the History Scotland: Hidden Histories podcast for 14 January 2018.

One of the aims of the podcast is to explore visitor attractions which could be described as a bit off the beaten track.

Well-known local figure, Jim Royan, gives a general introduction to Moray.

He then took presenter, Neil McLennan, on a tour of the centre of Elgin, focusing particularly on the Castle-Cathedral-Cashmere trail. The final part of the hour-long programme featured Moray’s own Fire Festival, the Burning of the Clavie, held in Burghead.

This article looks at the general Moray part and the section of the podcast which involved a wander through Elgin. We’ll look at the Burning of the Clavie in a separate article.

Moray is a triangular-shaped county.

According to Jim Royan, Moray is unique and yet not well known.

Moray is like Scotland in miniature. The coast of Moray is about 50 miles from the top of Ben Macdhui, which is the second-highest mountain in Scotland. [Read more…]