Employment Law

The listed articles deal with various aspects of employment law.

Employment Law In Elgin (In 1854)

On 25 February 1854, James Green of Aberlour signed his life away for the next 4 years.

Or, to be more exact, his father, William Green, a farmer at Ruthrie, Aberlour, did so on his behalf.

From 01 March 1853, James Green had become apprentice to William Grigor and Robert Young – the original “Grigor & Young” – in their Elgin office. [Read more…]

Grievance At Work? Here’s What To Do

Most of us have no option other than to work for a living.

While it is a bonus if you have a job you love, what really matters is that your workplace is somewhere you feel safe and at ease.

If you raise an issue about a problem at work and you consider that your employer has not addressed it properly, you may be able to raise a formal grievance to ensure that proper investigations are carried out. [Read more…]

Overtime and Holiday Pay – Moray Employer Concerns Over Appeal Tribunal Decision

This is a guest post for Grigor & Young by Moray Employment Law.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) issued a landmark decision on 04 November 2014, confirming that overtime should be included when calculating holiday pay.

This decision could affect an estimated 400,000 firms across the UK and an estimated 5 million workers.

Some of these employers and employees are in Moray. [Read more…]

What Are My Rights At Work?

What Are My Rights At Work?

In Scotland and across the UK there are many laws in place for the protection of employees.

You need to know what your rights are so you can make sure you receive fair treatment from your employer.

You also need to know what you can do if your employer does not treat you fairly.

Contractual rights and statutory rights

You have contractual rights, contained within the contract of employment given to you by your employer, and statutory rights, laid down by law. [Read more…]