Help for Separated Couples with Children (and it’s free)

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The process of family breakdown – and having to adjust to living in separate homes – is difficult for adults and children alike.

A free information session for separated parents is soon to be offered in Moray (in Elgin) for the first time, through AVENUE.

The one-off Parenting Apart Groups will help separated parents to:

  • understand what they and their children are going through
  • help their children cope better
  • work together as parents
  • plan for the future

How does it work?

You sign up for a one-off 3-hour session, which you attend together with other parents who are in similar circumstances (group sizes may vary but will probably be of about 4-6 people).

Meetings are scheduled to take place at AVENUE’s premises at 17 Institution Road, Elgin.

You will not attend the same group as your child or children’s other parent.

The session is child-focused – equipping you to help your children successfully manage separation / divorce.

Attendance at a Parenting Apart 3-hour Group Session is free of charge (as you can see from the “Elgin” page on the AVENUE website).

The programme covers such issues as:

  • What happens when we split up?
  • How might my children respond and how can I help them?
  • What do children need?
  • How can I make parenting work, when living apart?

In looking at children’s responses to parental separation, the age of the child is important and the discussion covers common responses among children at different ages up to 18.

Decision-making and communications are key.

How you manage the relationship with your child’s other parent will influence how successfully your children cope with the situation.

Parenting Apart in Elgin

The Parenting Apart scheme has been running successfully in Aberdeen for some time and AVENUE’s Elgin manager, Meg Black – who will be the Parenting Apart facilitator for Moray – is excited at the prospect of delivering the sessions locally.

It is anticipated that there will be a group meeting about every 3 weeks from 6th September 2017. Sessions will run from 5pm – 8pm.

You can self-refer by phone or by email. Referrals are expected also to come via solicitors and the Sheriff Court.

More information about Parenting Apart is available on the AVENUE website.

For more details, contact AVENUE in Elgin on 01343 540801 or email via

There is also a Contact Us form you can complete and submit through the AVENUE website.

Image credit: Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash.