Why Removing Personal Injury Claims From Scottish Legal Aid Is A Bad Idea

In a letter to The Herald newspaper, dated 02 February 2015, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers’ Scotland Co-ordinator, Ronnie Conway, has questioned the Law Society of Scotland’s proposal that Personal Injury claims should be removed from the ambit of civil legal aid.

The Association (“APIL”) is a not-for-profit organisation which campaigns to uphold and improve the rights of accident victims in relation to access to justice and fair compensation.

The Law Society’s Discussion Paper is available to view online (the download at the link begins immediately as a pdf document).

Personal injury is one of several areas of law which could cease to have legal aid support if the proposals are implemented. [Read more…]

Helping You in Moray to Claim Fair and Full Compensation for Personal Injury

We have received some questions about our Moray Claims tagline, which appears, for example, on our Twitter page.

It is: Helping you in Moray to claim fair and full compensation for personal injury.

We are going to try and answer those questions here. [Read more…]