eBook Download: Claiming For Personal Injury In Moray

Accidents are a rare occurrence but it does mean that, for most injured people, it will be your first experience of a potential compensation claim and you will have no previous experience to fall back on.

At a time when you may well have financial worries on top of personal injuries, it can be a confusing and stressful business deciding whether – and then how – to claim compensation for your losses. The internet and the television are full of people trying to convince you that they are your best option if you need to make a personal injury claim.

For a local, rural firm of solicitors, Grigor & Young have a lot of experience, as well as accredited expertise, in personal injury work.

A distillation of our personal injury claim experience

We have a produced an eBook – “Claiming for Personal Injury in Moray”.

It’s an attempt to highlight what, for us, seem to be the most important issues you need to consider if you have to decide whether to make a personal injury claim. Some of the information is specific to Moray but a lot of the principles can be applied more generally.

eBook: Claiming for Personal Injury in Moray

You can get access to the pdf download of the book (and any future revisions of it) by completing the form below.

The book runs to 60 pages. The file size is 0.5MB (i.e. not big).

It has chapters covering matters such as:

  • whether you need a solicitor at all for your claim
  • how best to go about selecting a solicitor
  • how long your claim is likely to take
  • how much it is likely to cost you
  • how much your claim is likely to be worth
  • how you can best maximise your physical and emotional recovery from your injuries
  • pitfalls to avoid.

The book is in landscape format (rather than portrait), which should be an easier layout to read in a computer browser – though you can also print out the book, if you want to do so.

Take the time to make yourself more knowledgeable

Provided your accident was recent, you can afford to take some time to educate yourself about your options and we hope this book will help you, along with the wealth of other information available on the internet.

If your accident was not recent, say, more than 18 months ago, it’s best not to delay too much in seeking further help. In most cases, you have up to 3 years within which to claim, but shorter limitation periods sometimes apply and it is not always easy to work out the date from which time starts to run. On the other hand, in some situations, you have much longer than 3 years.

Readers’ comments on the eBook

If I had an accident at work, I would be concerned about the effect it would have on the relationship between myself and the company, if I were to make a claim. I would also be concerned about the financial side of things – what I would be expected to pay and also what I may receive as a result of my accident. I like that the e-book is explained so that the normal (non-legal) person is able to easily understand the content. Also, questions that people would like answered before going ahead with making a claim are there and are exceptionally well detailed. Overall, having read through the e-book, I would be generally satisfied that I would know what to expect when making a claim and what it would entail. In particular, I would be aware of the timescale of making a claim and the costs, if there were any, to go along with that. Also, if I had any doubts about making a claim, I would be reassured that it was the correct thing to do, having read the e-book. As well as this, I would be confident about the first steps to making a claim – i.e. going through a specialist solicitor as opposed to ‘DIY’.

AM, Fochabers

Your feedback and questions are welcome

We would appreciate feedback on the content of the book, so feel free to get back to us about anything contained in it.  You can phone us on 01343 544077 or send us a Free Online Enquiry. There are also contact details in the back of the book.

The book is free to download and you just need to complete the sign-up box below. We will then email you a link to the download (which is in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format). When any future editions or revisions are published, you will have free access to them too.

Please consider making a donation to charity

Though you can get the eBook cost-free, we hope you might consider making a donation to one of 2 charities.

Grigor & Young’s current nominated charity is Uganda Aid Person-to-Person (which is a Forres-based charity). Alternatively, if you would prefer to help a local charity, please consider Moray Citizens’ Advice Bureau, which does sterling work in safeguarding the rights of local people and helping them resolve legal problems.

The suggested level of donation is £5.00 but it’s entirely up to you whether, or how much much, you donate. In other words, if you don’t want to donate anything, that’s fine; you can still download the book free of charge.