Bus Passenger Injury Claim Succeeds After Bus Moves Off Too Soon

I travel to and from work most days by bus.

I usually end up being in a rush to catch the bus at both ends of my journey.

I generally leave my suit in the office and change into it on arrival in the morning. I then get changed again before I head home on the bus. I do this because of past experiences of messing up and damaging my suit during bus journeys.

If I have to work away from Moray for any reason and need to be “dressed up”, I’ll take my suit home with me, so I don’t need to travel a distance via a clothes change in the office.

On a couple of occasions over the last 10 years, when bringing my suit back in to the office on the bus, I’ve accidentally left it behind – in its suitcase on the luggage rack beside the driver.

Thanks to the kindness and efficiency of Stagecoach’s staff at Elgin Bus Station, I’ve always got my bag back intact and very quickly. [Read more…]