Evicting tenants from residential property

If you have let out domestic property to tenants and now wish to recover possession of the property, we can help. We know what procedures are required when evicting tenants from residential property has become necessary.  It may be that we set up a lease for you in the first place but, even if we did not, we can still help. Most residential tenancies are set up as Short Assured Tenancies.

To qualify as a short assured tenancy, there are certain requirements.

For example, the lease must be for a period of at least 6 months. There is also a special form (Form AT5) which must be served on the tenant no later than the commencement of the tenancy notifying them that the lease is a short assured lease.

To be able to advise you on your right to recover possession of the property, we will need to see (at least) the following documents:

  • the lease,
  • Form AT5 (served at the outset of tenancy), and
  • any notice to quit or “section 33” notice you have served.

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