United Employment Lawyers

United Employment Lawyers

With effect from September 2013, Grigor & Young has joined a national network of Scottish lawyers to offer specialist employment advice.

You can benefit from this whether you are an individual or a business.

Breaking Barriers – Working Together – Delivering Excellence

United Employment Lawyers is a Scotland-wide group of independent solicitors’ firms.

By pooling resources, general practice firms in locations with similarities to Moray, such as Dumfries, Inverness, Greenock, Kelso, Helensburgh, Kirkwall and Oban will have ready access to top-level employment law expertise from more specialist firms in centres of population such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

The setting up of the network has been welcomed by the Law Society of Scotland.

United Employment Lawyers was founded by Malcolm Mackay, a prominent and experienced employment law practitioner who has represented individuals, trade unions and major companies in tribunals across the UK.

In discussing the aims and philosophy behind United Employment Lawyers, Mr Mackay said that he has always been a firm believer in early intervention and the resolution of disputes before they end up in costly tribunals or court actions.  This is part of the benefit UEL can provide but the network also has the accumulated expertise and firepower to litigate even the most difficult cases, where required.

How you can benefit

If you live or work in Moray or run a business in the area, we are confident that you can benefit from our increased ability, through United Employment Lawyers, to offer sound advice and a quality service in the field of Employment Law.

For individuals, work plays a large part in most people’s lives and any employment law problem is always a potentially significant issue for you and your family. We think it is important that everyone should have ready access – “on your doorstep” – to an expert employment law solicitor and UEL gives us the back-up to provide you with that level of service.


Contact us for advice

For more information or advice about any aspect of our employment services, please call us on 01343 544077 for a chat. We will be glad to help you. There is no charge for initial telephone discussions, which are also without obligation.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by completing a Free Online Enquiry.