Moray Culture

Consult a dictionary for the definition of “progressive area” and you will probably find See Also: Moray, Scotland.

Moray is proud of its creative forward thinking and the friendliness of its people.

Moray has been named as one of the top five rural regions in Scotland for “quality of life”.

In fact, people are not just content to live in Moray, they are thrilled by it – which is why environmental protection, development of alternative energy sources and sustainable practices are of high priority for citizens of Moray.

National Geographic has put the Moray Coast in the top twenty of its world list of the most beautiful coastal regions.

The article, which can be found on the National Geographic Travel website, underlines Moray’s outstanding cliff scenery and strong community feeling.

It was collated from the opinion of a panel, comprising 340 experts in sustainable tourism, taken together with views of readers, on the locations of the world’s most scenic coastal regions.

Comments from readers about the Moray Coast included:

“A wonderful region of Scotland – beaches are fantastic, and the area welcomes visitors as one of their own.”