Charitable Causes

The articles below deal with charities which Grigor & Young supports or has been involved with at various times.

Presentation of cheque to Moray Foodbank

As reported earlier this year, Grigor & Young LLP raised over £4,500 for Moray Foodbank through a Wills Promotion.

Moray Foodbank provides food parcels to people who lack the means to feed themselves properly. With the support of the local community, its aim is to provide a minimum of three days’ food to people in crisis. The food parcels include a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, together with tinned and dried food.

The firm recently presented a cheque to Mairi McCallum, project manager at Moray Foodbank.

The picture above shows (L to R), Elin Jones (Trainee Solicitor), Greg Robertson (G&Y Partner), Mairi and Rory Anderson (Trainee Solicitor).

Greg said: “We’re delighted we’ve been able to raise this money for Moray Foodbank. They help many families each year. We hope the money we have raised will allow them to help even more people in Moray over the coming months and especially around the Christmas period.”

Wills Promotion success results in donation to Moray Foodbank

In November 2017, Grigor & Young ran a promotion, agreeing to donate £100 from each fee for preparation of a Will to Moray Foodbank.

In 2016, Moray Foodbank’s charitable work allowed them to help in excess of 2,000 people in Moray.

This is an essential service in alleviating the effects of food poverty.

The Foodbank relies heavily on public donations of food. Anyone to whom assistance is provided gets a minimum of 3 days’ food.

We are very happy that the wills promotion during November 2017 attracted a high level of interest. The income generated has been converted into donations to provide a sum of money to assist Moray Foodbank. [Read more…]

How Your Will Can Help Moray Foodbank in November 2017

As in previous years, Grigor & Young will be running a promotion in November 2017 designed to encourage you to make a Will and help charity at the same time.

Would you be willing to support Moray Foodbank this November?

We reported previously how Moray Foodbank is our current nominated charity.

Aiming to reduce the effects of food poverty in the Moray area, in 2016, the Foodbank’s work helped well over 2,000 people.

Virtually all of the food given out by Moray Foodbank is donated by the public. Each person who gets assistance from the scheme receives a minimum of 3 days’ food.

For November 2017, Grigor & Young will be donating £100 from each fee for preparation of a Will to Moray Foodbank.

This is your opportunity to help others and, at the same time, help yourself by getting your affairs in order. [Read more…]

Moray Foodbank is Grigor & Young’s new nominated charity

According to one definition, food poverty occurs when individuals and households are unable to obtain an adequate, nutritious diet. This may be because they cannot afford to buy healthy food or because there is a lack of readily accessible shops.

13 Million people live in poverty in the UK. Every day, people are forced to go hungry. It could be due to delays in benefits coming through or because they have received an unexpected bill which is beyond their means on a low income.

Over 40,000 people volunteer at foodbanks across the nation and some of them channel their efforts into Moray Foodbank. [Read more…]

Why Should You Leave Something to Charity in Your Will?

Statistics quoted by the Institute of Fundraising indicate that, though 58% of the UK population give to charity during their lifetime, only 7% leave a bequest or legacy to charity in their will (mentioned in this pdf download, entitled “Legacies (in 60 minutes)”).

The problem with considering leaving something to charity in our will probably stems from our general reluctance to talk about death and money in the same sentence.

There are various reasons why people choose to leave money or property to a charity in their will.

  • They may be an existing donor of the charity.

[Read more…]

Speyfest Celebrates 20 Successful Years

Ashleigh MacGregor, who is from Moray and a law student in Edinburgh, recently spent a week on placement with us at Grigor & Young, as part of her course. Alongside this, she is an active member of the Speyfest committee. 2015 is a landmark year for Speyfest and we asked Ashleigh to write something about the festival for our Blog (thanks, Ashleigh, for finding a “legal” angle, as well): [Read more…]

Uganda Aid – Person to Person

Ann Cruickshank, resident partner in Grigor & Young’s Forres office, spent two weeks in Uganda in February as part of a team representing Uganda Aid – Person to Person (“UAPTP”).

UAPTP is a Scottish-registered charity (SCO36939), started in 2006 by Marlyn Somers from Forres.

Marlyn led the group which Ann joined.

The charity’s efforts have enabled the building of Bunono Central Primary School in the Kabale region – a rural area in south west Uganda. [Read more…]